To insure proper stamping of your album, please follow the instructions below:
Print out the layout form and the order form. You need to have one form for each cover/spine.
Remove from the album the covers and/or spines to be stamped.
Use one form for each album, unless you are ordering identical stamping on each.
Print your instructions clearly using block capitals. Make them idiot proof, please.
Print instructions on the layout form in the desired location.
Indicate the desired type size.
Usually the large 36 point is used on the covers of the larger albums in the top center; 30 point on medium and small covers, 30 point on the spines, and the small 18 point in the lower right corner.
Slide the instruction form along with the spine into the cover or rubber-band it onto the cover.
Spines which are being stamped without their cover must have the instruction form paperclipped to them.
Albums which are to be stamped identically should be rubber-banded together as there is a discount available for duplicate stamping.
Enclose check or money order payable to Ballantine Bookcrafts.
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